chickpea veggie burgers & tzatziki yogurt sauce

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chickpea veggie burgers

I know this blog is about family friendly meals but I am also going to introduce you to “mommy” meals.  Mommy meals are meals that I typically eat for lunch while the kids are in school or on the weekends.  Mommy meals are nutritious, whole grain, chock full of vegetable meals.  I know most of these meals would not appeal to my kids yet so I eat them for lunch or dinner on those nights where there is an acceptable leftover for them.   Anyway, I have had Heidi Swanson’s cookbook, Super Natural Cooking for about a year.  I love this cookbook as well as her blog, 101 cookbooks.  She is a local gal, just 15 minutes from me (somewhere in SF), so …

Got leftover spaghetti? Check this out…

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This post is quick and there are no fancy or staged photographs, but I just had to post it as my friends are always asking what I do with all the leftovers I have.  Well, here is one great idea that I just felt compelled to share with you all NOW!     I had tons of leftover spaghetti & meatballs sitting in my fridge that I was planning on pawning it off on the kids for lunch today.  I was just going to heat it up in the microwave or the via the stovetop, BORING!   I then saw this post on Yummy Mummy this morning and got inspired.  This is such a quick and fun way to serve up boring leftovers. …

Whole-Wheat Spaghetti with Italian Sausage, Fennel and broccolini

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Whole-Wheat Spaghetti with Italian Sausage, Fennel and broccolini

So I must admit, we are a pasta loving family.  Pasta is a wonderful base because you add so much to it.  It’s almost like a blank canvas.  Throw in some veggies, a little meat and a yummy sauce and you have the perfect one-bowl meal. Since we eat a lot of pasta, I have been looking for some alternative and healthier versions rather than the typical white pasta.  We eat quinoa spaghetti quite often and the kids like it especially if it’s topped with pesto or my bolognaise sauce.  I have always wanted to try whole-wheat or whole-grain pasta but was worried how the kids would react.  I aim to make one meal (no short order cook here) for dinner …

gingersnap cookies

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gingersnap cookies

It’s Monday and most likely cold, snowy or rainy where you are, so I thought I would treat you all to a sweet today rather than an entree.  Sometimes we need a little sweet to kick start our week. I’ve always loved gingersnaps and molasses cookies and this cookie is a combination of the two.  This is not a true gingersnap cookie, which tend to be thin and crispy.  This cookie is more of a molasses cookie with a spicy ginger flavor.  It’s chewy, spicy and dark.  I know gingersnaps may not be the most exciting cookie to people, but they’re one of Zoe’s favorite cookies, as well as mine. I was perusing through a copy of the Marin Organic cookbook, …

Rustic Bakery’s roasted butternut squash soup

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Rustic Bakery's butternut squash soup

I have a few favorite local lunch spots that my girlfriends and I frequent often when we want to have a ladies lunch, Marin style.  Marin style means it’s all about being casual when going to lunch to meet your friends.  It’s really about the conversation and food, not the stuffiness of having to get all dressed up or look a certain way, who wants to do that?  Marin is a laid-back, easygoing community, and that is why I love it so. One of our favorite lunchtime spots is Rustic Bakery in Larkspur.  This is not just a bakery but also an amazing breakfast and lunch cafe. They have some of the most magnificent salads, sandwiches and baked goods.  Everything at …

Marin Mama’s tip for keeping herbs fresh…

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Are you tired of picking or buying fresh herbs only to have them wilt and go limp after a day or so?  Well, I was tired of it.  I would go out and buy this beautiful cilantro or parsley only to have it wilt and become useless the next day.  A friend taught me a wonderful and easy trick to keeping my herbs fresh that I would like to share with you today. It’s a super easy trick, which really works, and keeps fresh herbs fresh and useable for about two weeks. Tips for keeping herbs fresh: Snip off the bottom of the stems. Don’t pre-rinse your herbs as you want the leaves to be dry – rinse them as needed Fill …

whole-grain skillet corn bread

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whole-grain skillet corn bread

Remember when I went crazy over the November issue of Whole Living Magazine?  I made about 4 recipes from that one issue and they were all fantastic.  This corn bread recipe was in it as well, and I couldn’t wait to make it, but I wanted to wait till Santa brought me the cast iron pan I had asked for.  Well, Santa came through and my pan was under the tree Christmas morning wrapped in a big red bow tie.  Thanks Santa. I use my cast iron pan all the time now and recommend picking one up.  They’re a workhorse of a pan and so inexpensive.  This 10″ pan cost $22 and the 12″ costs $28.  I think that is …

homemade s’mores

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  Who says you can’t have s’mores in the winter?  Marin mama is saying you can!  These s’mores are are a bit more fancier than their campfire cousins but just as rich and delicious.  The only thing missing from here is the campfire and the mosquitos.     The kids and I recently visited Modern Cookie Company, a local cookie shop in Larkspur, where we ordered these decadent s’mores on homemade graham crackers and we just about flipped out of our seats they were zoo good.  The s’mores were so amazing that I wanted to turn this experience into something I could replicate at home, so I challenged myself to creating a version of my own.   I already made and posted the recipe for …

lemon chicken breasts

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lemon chicken breasts

Oh Barefoot, how I love your recipes.  Your recipes are always simplistic, delicious and comforting.  Truly, I do love the Barefoot.  Her recipes always come out fantastic and they are not complicated.  I’m not a fan of complicated recipes.  I want something that tastes amazing, is fresh but easy to replicate.  I have 5 of the Barefoot’s cookbooks and go back to them quite often for new and old recipes.   Two of my favorite recipes from her are her chocolate cake and broccoli lemon pasta.  The chocolate cake is my go-to cake and whenever I make this cake for people they beg me for the recipe. It’s rich and moist and oh so chocolaty.  I will never try another chocolate …

roasted fingerling potatoes with salt, rosemary and thyme

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roasted fingerling potatoes with salt, rosemary and thyme

I received a cast-iron skillet for Christmas and couldn’t wait to break it in.  I was cooking up some lemon chicken breasts and roasted cauliflower for dinner and decided that some roasted potatoes would be the perfect accompaniment.  Comfort food at its best, but healthy comfort food.  I took a look in my pantry and noticed I had about 16 fingerling potatoes just sitting there waiting to be used, so I pulled out one cast iron skillet and got to work. BTW, my kids love these potatoes (they rate them a 10).  They really taste like thick cut french fries, as they get super crispy on the bottom when you roast them in the skillet roasted fingerling potatoes with salt, rosemary and thyme: …