pots de creme

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TGIM (thank goodness it’s Monday), I know people are use to TGIF, but I wanted to change things up here a bit.  I’m so happy that it’s Monday and also so very happy that my kids are back in school.  Yippee!  I really enjoyed having them at home last week, but honestly I didn’t accomplish a single thing.  I didn’t cook anything new or get any work done on my blog.  It was a nice and much needed vacation for all of us, but I am ready to get back to work and ready to cook again!  Routine works best for me as I’m a creature of habit.   I honestly missed cooking for my family and I missed my …

spinach, blueberry & pomegranate smoothie

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Its ski week here in California and instead of skiing we are hanging by the pool enjoying this blissful 80 degree weather.   Whoo hooo!!! This is a short but sweet post as I am taking a break from cooking and the computer this week to spend some quality time outdoors with the kids.  I am showcasing a smoothie rather than warm comfort foods as it feels like summer over here and honestly because I have been feeding my kids to much of this. We made an afternoon pit stop at Ghirardelli the other day. I figured a healthier mid-afternoon snack was in the works for the kids.  I saw this smoothie recipe the other day at Yummy Mummy and knew it …

miso-garlic-roasted tofu caesar salad

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Here is another fabulous meatless “mommy” meal for you guys!  This post is actually 3 separate recipes.  You can combine them all to make this savory salad or make each one individually for another dish.  It’s all about flexibility here and we love flexibility when cooking. If you’re a fan of tofu (or not) you will love the way it’s prepared here.  I’m not a fan of raw tofu, but I loved eating it this way as the tofu got all crisp from roasting it in the oven.  This tofu recipe can be used in so many ways.  It would be perfect in a bowl of quinoa, over a bowl of noodles or brown rice or even thrown into your …

cheesy baked tortellini & homemade marinara sauce

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cheesy baked tortellini & homemade marinara sauce

Want an easy-peasy weeknight meal your whole family will enjoy?  I bet you’re saying yes, yes, yes!  Well, read on, because my whole family loves this pasta and I love it because it’s tasty of course, but so quick (under 45 minutes) and easy to make. This is definitely a family and kid friendly meal.  It’s cheesy, hence the title, cheesy baked tortellini. This pasta is rated a 10+ in my house and has quickly become a family favorite. Life is getting busy around our house, and during this busy time I have to prepare my weekly dinner menu in advance. Zoe now has lacrosse, dance and cotillion 4 nights during the week so goodbye (for now) to sit-down family dinners, and …

carrot ginger soup with homemade croutons

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carrot ginger soup with homemade croutons

I was sitting down for breakfast Friday morning and received an email from my friend Carolyn raving about this carrot ginger soup that she had made for her family the night before. She said I had to try it. Carolyn is an amazing cook, actually so amazing, that she could have her own cooking show.  So, when she recommends a recipe to me, I trust that it’s going to be wonderful. I was already planning on making this miso-garlic and tofu salad for lunch and knew this soup would be the perfect compliment. I know what your thinking, carrot soup?  How boring!!  Well, actually, this soup is not boring at all!  It’s rich and creamy (without the cream) with a hint …

Lifefactory Bottle Giveaway!!!!

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 UPDATE:  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!  The winner of the Lifefactory bottles is, drum roll please, Amy Alvarado.  Congratulations Amy!  Hi everyone!  Instead of a recipe I am going to do a giveaway.  Yaay!   I am giving away these brand new flip cap Lifefactory glass water bottles.  These flip caps are brand spanking new and I am giving you a chance to be one of the first people to own not just one bottle but two bottles.  How awesome is that? I love these bottles and have about 20 of them in my cupboard.  They are the best bottles to drink from.  I mean do you drink from plastic or metal at home?  Probably not, then why would you want to drink from plastic or metal on the …

creamless tomato soup

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creamless tomato soup

Folks, I posted this recipe in the first couple of weeks of my blog, but I wanted to reintroduce it to you all because it’s literally my favorite go-to soup.  I call it my 30 minute soup as it really only takes 30 minutes to make.  As Barefoot would say, “how easy is that?”  This is not a barefoot recipe though, this recipe is from Cooks Illustrated. I love this soup because it’s easy to make and you can get a few meals out of it.  I usually whip up a batch on the weekend when I know I am going to have a busy week and need that quick go-to meal.  It’s also a great pantry soup that you can whip up at the …

lentil “meatballs” with lemon pesto

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Here’s another wonderful “mommy” meal that I made this past week. It’s also a great “meatless Monday” meal.  I saw this recipe a few weeks back on Sprouted Kitchen and I have been dying to make it for some time.  I loved my chickpeas burgers so much that I wanted to try another meatless dish that is usually made with meat.  When you hear the word meatball you think of meat, right?  Well, these are lentil meatballs so there is no meat in them.  Maybe lentil balls would be a more fitting name for these.  It just sounds weird, so I think I will keep the name meatballs. I loved these lentil meatballs and I wasn’t even missing the meat. They were flavorful …

Chicken with Shallots

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Here’s another wonderful kid approved chicken recipe from you guessed it, Ina Garten. I tend to make a lot of her recipes because they’re easy and they always turn out amazing. This particular recipe was from her cookbook, How Easy is That. I usually make a chicken dish once a week for my family as it’s economical, easy to prepare and my kids just love it.  This dish was a bit messy and a bit grease splattering, but the smiles and thumbs up from my kids and hubby made it all worth it. I just found out an interesting fact about chicken skin here at my friend Em’s blog that you might want to check out.  It’s made me re-think having an occasional bite …