roasted red pepper and arugula whole-wheat pizza

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roasted red pepper and arugula whole-wheat pizza

We’re a family of pizza lovers!  Pizza, kale, quinoa and steel-cut oats are ranked pretty high in our house. Friday nights are pizza night in our house!  We get our aprons on, open a bottle of wine (the wine is just for me) and roll out the dough. It’s a very therapeutic thing to do after a long week, and fun way to work together and catch up on life. I love this pizza because it’s meatless, simple to make, and pretty healthy to boot! It’s your basic run of the mill cheese pizza, except that you are replacing the traditional tomato sauce with a roasted red pepper puree, and then topping it all on a thin and crispy whole-wheat pizza …

grilled skirt steak with herb salsa verde

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For those of you that are vegetarians, I apologize for these photos.  They are really in your face kind of photos.  I am not a fan of photos of meat, but I had to take them to so show the recipe.  My friend Wendy asked when I was going to post the steak and salsa recipe that I raved about in my Monday post.  I told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to post it because I didn’t get great photographs of the meat and I forgot to take a photo of the completed salsa.  She told me it’s the recipes that she comes for not the photographs (though they do help her to see what the finished product is …

my kid’s favorite weekday dinner and dessert

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Wondering what to make the family for dinner and dessert tonight?  Look no further, I’ve got you covered. No, I’m not offering to make you dinner tonight, sorry, but I have two great recipes to share with you.  These two recipes are kid and grownup approved and not just by my family, but my kid’s friends as well.  I wish my blog had some sort of ticker symbol that I could click every time I made a recipe from here.  If it did, these two recipes would be in the double digits.   I’ll be honest with you, tonight I’m taking the night off from cooking.  It’s my lacrosse carpool night and by the time we get home, its to …

wheat berries with charred onions and kale

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wheat berries with charred onions and kale

Am I turning into a health nut or what?  I have eaten more kale in the past 6 months than I have in my whole lifetime, seriously. This blog is working wonders for my health and waistline (as well as my hubby’s).  It was actually John that picked out this recipe, can you believe it?  We received the recent issue of bon appetit on Friday.  John opened it up, pointed at two recipes, looked at me and said, “honey, we’re making this for dinner on Sunday.”  I  then took a look at the two recipes and happily agreed.  Did I mention that John is an amazing cook, even better than me?  I’m such a lucky girl. Wheat berries?  You’re probably …

chipotle shrimp tacos

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My friend Em wrote an amazing post on intuition and health and it got me thinking that we do tend to take our health for granted till it’s not there.  I know that when I’m feeling sick I crave feeling good again, I miss it, and when I do feel good again I feel so grateful and strong.  Health, love, peace and safety are my top priorities in life.  I feel blessed knowing my family is in great health, that I have lots of love and friends in my life and that I have a beautiful home that keeps my family and I warm and safe.  We can all get caught up wishing and looking for the next and greatest …

salmon with almond-lime yogurt sauce

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Last week was a much-needed rest from the chaos of life.  It was a week full of sleeping in, cooking up new recipes, play dates for the kids (and me) and just all around relaxing.  It gave me a glimpse of what summer will be like, and I liked it! The only downer was that it was spring break and it felt like winter break.  Remember these pics from our February ski week?Well, there was none of that going on over this past week.  We were in our winter garb and raincoats until Saturday.  When I took this picture of the salmon above, the wind was gusting, it was 50 degrees and the parsley leaves were blowing everywhere (I took this …

lemon pesto, walnut pesto & basil pesto

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 Lemon Pesto  Walnut Pesto  Traditional Basil Pesto Pesto, pesto, pesto, 3 cheers for pesto!  Pesto rocks!  Not only is pesto healthy, but it also has endless uses.  Top it over hot or cold pasta, throw it over some pizza dough and make yourself a green pesto pizza, spread it on some cold or grilled bread for a different take on garlic bread, top your favorite meat or fish with it.  You get where I’m going here, right?  Pesto is such a versatile sauce in the way it’s used and the way it’s made.  There is arugula pesto, parsley pesto, broccoli pesto (I have made this before and topped it on quinoa, that recipe later). Have you ever made your own pesto …

homemade popcorn with coconut oil

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homemade popcorn with coconut oil

 My kids are on spring break this week and that means my popcorn popper is going to be working overtime. Vacation at the Grandy house means lots of movie nights, and movie nights are not complete without Marin mama’s famous popcorn, (at least that’s what my kids and their friends call my popcorn). In all seriousness, Zoe and Eli love and devour this popcorn, and they tell me that it’s the best popcorn they’ve ever tasted. I’ve actually been told by a number of people that I need to bag this popcorn and sell it. I decided that making and bagging this popcorn would take to much time and effort, so I’m just going to share my secret recipe with you. I love …

blueberry coffee cake

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I am so excited today because I am going to Berkeley to meet my blogger friend Em!  Em and I started commenting on each others blogs about 3 months ago and we just clicked.  We actually wrote “real” comments on each other’s blogs instead of the usual, “yum, your dish looks great.”  Em is witty and funny and her posts always give me tons of information as well as a chuckle.  Her blog is full of nutritional facts (as she is a nutritionist) and delicious recipes, check it out here.  Em resides in London but recently moved back to Berkeley to study for a few months.  Perfect timing as far as I’m concerned.  I promise to take pics!  Em, is …

kale salad with tahini & lemon dressing

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Last week was so much fun!  I received so many positive emails, phone calls & comments from friends and people in my local and not-so-local community regarding my article in the Marin IJ.  It was wonderful to interact with everyone and hear what their favorite recipes were and such.  What started out as a mere hobby for me is really turning into so much more.  This blog is opening so many unique doors and introducing me to so many wonderful people.  So for those of you come by each week to check out my blog, thank you!  You are all inspiring me to keep this blog going and to keep trying new recipes!  So, since I’m known as the kale …