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Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!  
I got a head start on Mothers Day yesterday as Eli made me this wonderful bouquet at the farmers market, and I got to see Zoe perform in her jazz band concert.

 Here’s Zoe practicing before her concert.
I got to sit and watch with my 2 favorite guys!
 Then we had an amazing authentic Mexican lunch at El Huarache Loco.
We capped it off with ice cream at Three Twins.
Then it was off to Eli’s baseball game.
After his game, we walked down to Yankee Pier and had a wonderful family dinner outside.
I had this salmon burger below.  Yum!
All in all it was a perfect family day.
So, since it’s Mothers Day and this is a recipe blog, I thought I would share with you my two favorite recipes, as I posted my kid’s two favorites about a week ago.  
 These are the two recipes that I make the most often, just for me.

Both of these recipes would be perfect to serve up for a girls lunch or baby shower finished off with a huge slice of my favorite chocolate cake.

Click on the title below the pictures to link over to the full recipe.
These burgers are my absolute favorite.  I could literally eat them day after day and not get sick of them.  The key ingredient is the tzatzki yogurt sauce as it helps to moisten the burger and gives it that flavor kick.
These burgers are a great make-ahead meal.  All you do is make up the burgers, store them in the refrigerator and saute them up as needed.  They are great for those last minute lunches where you want something healthy, but don’t want to take the time to throw something complicated together.  

I also love that you don’t need a bun with these burgers, as the burger is the bun!  How genius is that?  I tend to eat a lot of carbs, so I feel great when I eat this “carbless” burger.  
I’ll be honest here; I make this salad at least twice a week, if not more.  It’s just the easiest salad to make and the tastiest.  This salad has changed friends from kale haters to kale lovers, seriously!  Every time I run into someone locally who has read my blog, the first recipe they mention is this kale salad.  They say it’s now their favorite salad, and that they make it all the time.  One of my friends even mentioned that she lost 10 pounds from incorporating this salad into her diet.  I love hearing comments like that!  

I have my other kale salad that I love just as much, but there are a few complex ingredients in there that I don’t always have on hand.  This kale recipe just calls for those “pantry” ingredients that we all have lying around the house.  This salad is also a great make-ahead meal as well.  You can make this in the morning and refrigerate it till dinner or the next day.  I tend to eat 1/2 at dinner and then save the rest for lunch or dinner the next day.  

Feel free to play around with this salad.  I use all types of kale, not just the lacinato.  I also am being a bit bolder and add more than a pinch of red pepper!  Rebel, I know!
Today I plan on hitting the gym with my 2 favorite workout peeps and then I get to enjoy an afternoon of watching Zoe dance in her spring recital.  I am so blessed that I get to spend this weekend with my 3 favorite people in the world, John, Zoe and Eli.  
Being a mother is simply the best gift of all.
Have a wonderful day!
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  1. Em (Wine and Butter)

    Aww – Love love love this post. What a beautiful family and I can totally imagine, even after our quick meeting, what wonderful people they must be too. And guess what!? That ice cream and cookie combo I had (inpsired by you!) used Three Twins vanilla. What a co-incidence! Happy (belated) mothers day JAckie – I know (know, know) how lucky your kids are to have you!! Speak soon! xox

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