Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for August 28th

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Ok, here is a new series that I’m going to start.  I’m hoping this series will help you, as well as help me.  I have tried for years to plan out a weekly menu in advance, but for some reason or another, I just never got around to it.  I would plan out a day or two in advance, but that was it.  I am determined this year to finally get a system into place and make it happen.  I’m going to post my weekly menu for you all to see on Sunday, (hopefully in the morning) that way if you want to follow it, or get ideas for the week, you can.  I’m only going to plan meals Sunday through Thursday and possibly Friday, as Saturday nights we either go out to dinner or John cooks for us. You’re going to see many make-ahead and two-nighter meals listed here.  My kids have lots of late afternoon into early evening activities during the school year, and I need easy meals to accommodate those nights.  Ok, I won’t delay any further; here is my first weekly menu. 
Monday: Ina’s summer garden pasta and garlic bread 

Tuesday: favorite turkey burgers & corn on the cob
Wednesday: leftovers of Ina’s summer garden pasta & garlic bread

Thursday: curried chicken salad sandwiches & kale salad
I’m placing this menu on the refrigerator each Sunday so that my family knows what to expect for the week ahead.  It’s been great so far, because whenever someone wonders what’s for dinner, I send them over to the fridge to take a look. There has been no complaining yet, (yaay) and so far it has made my life easier.  I know I’m only on day 3, but when I went to the grocery store today, it was super easy knowing exactly what I needed.  I took my iPhone with me, checked out the recipe on my blog, and shopped away.  Knowing the menu in advance has also saved me from running to the grocery store every day and fretting last minute what to cook for dinner that night. John is really loving this so far, as he’s not getting the 3:00 frantic call from me asking what to make for dinner. Marin mama is taking charge, and I like it! 
Thought or tips on what you would like to see?  Do you like me showing the picture of the recipe or would it just be as good to have the titles of the dishes?
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  1. Zoe

    Hi Jacquelyn,

    You seems very well organized with all your family meals. Everything looks very yummy 😀

    About your query about the chocolate frosting that I used to bake my Barefoot cake, I didn’t use any coffee at all when I baked this cake. My son and I can’t really consume coffee due to its caffeine content and so I have been substituting all my coffee ingredients with cocoa powder for all my bakes.


  2. 365dots

    Love this! I’ve been trying to do the same and though it doesn’t always work it makes life so much easier. And I like the pictures. I’m more likely to want to eat something if it looks good.

  3. bakerfamily5

    I think the way you did the blog is perfect! You showed the list and named the dinner with the picture. If someone is interested they can click and get the recipe. Keep it as it is:)

    1. Jacquelyn Grandy

      Hi Becca! Unfortunately, we don’t do a date night each week. We usually reserve Friday as family night, but our anniversary (15 years) is on Thursday and its back to school night at Zoe’s school, so were celebrating Friday instead. We are making it a goal to do at least 1 to 2 date nights a month though.

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