Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for October 21st

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weekly menu for october

Last week was unseasonably hot, (near 90 most afternoons) so I ended up not making the chicken Parmesan, as I did not want to heat up the kitchen. It was basically a week of sandwiches and salads. I really should check the weather forecast before I plan my weekly menu, don’t you think? Anyway, I made this delicious egg salad sandwich on Monday, (which I will post soon) as well as whipped us up a batch of curried chicken salad. It felt like summer cooking in October.  

I really enjoyed the weather though. I biked the kids to and from school a couple of days and got to see some amazing sunrises as well as a beautiful flock of pelicans. I took this shot below on the way home one morning.  Isn’t it beautiful? I was actually trying to grab a picture of 2 ducks with their behinds simultaneously in the air, but they swam away as I got close. The mornings were brisk, (55 degrees) and by the afternoon it was in the low 90’s.  My kids would be freezing in their shorts on the way to school, but then they would be roasting on the way home.  It’s all about the layers here in California, cold mornings and warm afternoons.
Below is what my lunch looked like most of the week.  I had a lot of heirloom tomato soup and kale salad. I paired the soup with different kale salads as well as a bagel one day. I’m going to miss this soup come winter, but luckily I have 2 batches in the freezer.

You know what made me a happy mom this week?  Zoe asked for the lacinato kale salad for lunch the other day.  I paired the salad with a popover, and she was one happy girl.  She came home from school and said it was one of the best lunches she has ever had.  Yaay!

Yes, I admit we ate pretty healthy this past week, but in Marin mama’s house, you also get your daily treat.  We all love our sweets and find that our day just isn’t complete without some sort of dessert, so I baked up this decadent cake below. I mean why not bake another cake, it’s not like I didn’t get enough sugar the week before with all those pumpkin muffins and chocolate cake, right?  I was on a sugar high and did not want it to end.  My friend Amanda texted me a photo of the roasted vegetables she was whipping up for dinner and I texted her this photo below. Her response was, “Oh my.”  It was quite a contrast from what she was whipping up. You’re probably wondering what the heck that thing is below, right?  It’s a chocolate chip pumpkin bundt cake (no longer called bread with it’s new additions) with a chocolate gnache topping. I will post the recipe soon; it’s basically a bit of an update on the original chocolate chip pumpkin bundt bread.  My friend Averie, who is the queen of sweets, (you have to check out her blog, AMAZING) tweaked the recipe and tweaked it in a way that changed it from being an after-school snack to dessert!  Zoe commented, “She made it into a chocolate lovers dream!”
OK, Let’s move onto this weeks menu!  BTW, I did check out the forecast for this week and it’s going to be rainy and cool!  I think I have the perfect menu planned!
Sunday:  Marin mama has the night off as were having dinner at a friend’s house.  I plan on brining dessert though.  I’m baking up a batch of Robert’s absolute best brownies.
Monday:  Cheesy baked tortellini and broccolini.  This is such an easy weeknight meal to throw together and is kid and hubby approved.  This use to be a two-nighter meal in our house, but now we find ourselves eating the whole dish. Piggies!Tuesday:  Heirloom tomato soup and grilled turkey, apple and brie wraps with homemade honey mustard (recipe soon).
Wednesday: Chicken with shallots, popovers & roasted cauliflower.  This is one of our favorite cool weather comfort meals.  Wednesday is the one day that the kids don’t have any after school activities, so I try and make a nice meal.  
Thursday:  Crazy Thursday!  Take out night!  This is our last crazy Thursday as it’s Eli’s last soccer practice!  Yippee!
Friday:  Grandy family pizza night!  Fall roasted vegetable pizza (recipe soon). If you’re looking for a pizza idea, then try one of these family approved pizzas.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Comments 6

  1. l o v e l y t h i n g s

    I always have to see what you are making for the week…Now I think I have my dinner plans for tonight! Everything from the sweets to the savory looks absolutely delicious. And I would fall over if either of my children requested a kale salad in their lunch.

  2. l o v e l y t h i n g s

    I always have to see what you are making for the week…Now I think I have my dinner plans for tonight! Everything from the sweets to the savory looks absolutely delicious. And I would fall over if either of my children requested a kale salad in their lunch.

  3. Anonymous

    It all looks so good! How do you do it all? I think I’m going to follow your lead and make the tortellini tonight. I also can’t wait to see the post on that Bundt cake. It looks amazing.

  4. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I don’t even know where to begin but can I just come over to your house for meals this week? Wow, Jackie! amazing!!!

    The kale/beet salad, the yellow heirloom tomato, those brownies! (I have a brownie recipe I don’t cheat on but yours make me want to!) and then your popovers, roasted cauli, the fact that I still want to make your pumpkin muffins, I am in love with every single thing here, seriously!

    And thanks for making and blogging about my cake. I am just so glad you like it! And that Zoe approves, too 🙂

    Cool mornings, warm afternoons, and layers. Yes! Even with certain runs I go on, I can literally start out in a light coat and end up in just a sports bra and shorts. It’s crazy how an hour can change the temps so much in CA!

    1. Jacquelyn Grandy

      Yes, you can totally come over Averie, anytime, and bring cute little Sklyer with you. Eli and Zoe would love her! I know if we lived closer we would be baking buddies and running buddies.

      I am trying to eat healthy lunch fare to compensate for all the sweets I have been baking and eating lately! Go Kale!


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