spaghetti squash tacos

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spaghetti squash tacos

I know there are many of you who have been patiently waiting for this recipe ever since I showcased it in my weekly menu post last week. Thanks for being so patient and I hope that these tacos make your wait worthwhile. I love it when I find a new family approved and easy weeknight meatless dinner (that was a mouthful). It’s so nice because I try and strive to have at least 2-3 meatless dinners a week, if possible. I want to make meatless nights fun and tasty and full of variety for the family, not boring and something that no one looks forward to. I truly have found the best recipes since I started my meatless search, and …

Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for January 27th

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Took that opening shot in the car via my iPhone last night. I thought it was cool because you can see all the hustle and bustle of the city, the Transamerica building and all the beautiful architecture of San Francisco right smack in front of you.  I truly love living here and whenever I head into the city, I feel alive.  My favorite part of heading into San Francisco is crossing over this beauty of a bridge.  I have lived here a little over 15 years, and I never tire of this bridge. Zoe took this below picture last night through the sunroof and instagramed it. She’s a natural I must say.  BTW, she recently joined instagram, (privately with her …

turkey meatballs

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turkey meatballs

Meatballs, meatballs, meatballs! I know, not the most exciting or creative recipe out there, but it’s a classic! These are not your typical heavy, sit in your stomach meatballs. They’re a lighter and simpler meatball, as they are just made with ground turkey.  Yep, no pork sausage is needed for these puppies. Turkey is rich in vitamin B and zinc, and is a full flavored and lower-fat alternative to ground beef. My brother Brandt, who doesn’t like meatballs, LOVED these. I served these up for dinner and he was actually just going to eat the spaghetti, but he wanted to be nice so he said I could throw a couple of meatballs in his dish. He politely tried one and then …

Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for January 20th

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So, last week I had a few cooking successes and a few cooking failures. The failures are tough because I get so excited about a dish and then when it doesn’t turn out right or even good for that fact, I get sad and a bit frustrated. What I’m realizing as I evolve as a cook is that cooking is like anything in life, sometimes its great and a winner, and other times it’s just not. Usually a recipe flop has nothing to do with cooking skills, sometimes a recipe is just not what you expected it to be. I’m learning that you just have to roll with it and realize that it’s just food, and move onto the next …

easy skillet chicken parmesan

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easy skillet chicken parmesan

Here’s an easy weeknight chicken parmesan recipe that can be made and on your table in under 30 minutes, and the added bonus is that it can all be done in your cast iron skillet, making clean up a cinch! It’s also flour-less and egg-less and gluten-free to boot!  My foodie friend Amanda kept telling me that I needed to try this recipe.  I already had my favorite chicken parmesan recipe that was passed down from my mom, so I was a bit hesitant to try a new one.  I then remembered that I have a recipe blog, and my readers may want some variety, so I gave it a try. I’m so glad that I did because it was fantastic …

Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for January 13th

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I don’t know if it was from being cooped up and lazy for the two weeks of Christmas vacation, but I cooked up a storm last week.  The house was quiet and empty and everyone was back to their routines.  I felt a sense of freedom and really just wanted to get back to the kitchen and just play.  Play I did, and here are some of the recipes I tried: Kale, wheat berry and toasted coconut salad.  I had this for lunch two days in a row and I have to tell you that it tasted better day two. Love that!

how to cook spaghetti squash

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spaghetti squash with tomato sauce

Today’s post is sort of a recipe, but really more of a “how to” post. I’m going to show you all how to cook spaghetti squash.  I figured if I didn’t have a clue the first time I cooked one up, then there are those of you that are in the same boat. Spaghetti squash is a delicious and nutritious alternative to pasta.  It’s loaded with fiber, nutrients, vitamins and is high in potassium, which helps lower blood pressure, plus its fun to eat. When cooked, the inside of the squash shreds into long, thin noodle-like strands resembling spaghetti pasta.  I didn’t believe it until I actually made it and saw the transformation. The squash is pretty mild in flavor …

basic tomato sauce

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Here’s an easy, family friendly, homemade and vegeterian tomato sauce that will feed a crowd, or at least feed your family for a number of meals. This sauce is really simple, but tastes hearty like a tomato sauce should.  It’s the perfect sauce to top a pizza, use in a lasagna, pair with meatballs, (turkey meatball recipe coming soon) top over gnocchi, spaghetti squash or your favorite pasta. I mean it’s so simple that you can really use it as a base for just about anything. This sauce is basically a pantry sauce, you may have to run out and grab a carrot or onion, but if you have a well stocked pantry, then you should have everything you need. Another great …

Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for January 6th 2013

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Have you all gotten your New Year’s resolutions in place?  Have you started any or broken any yet?  I’m not doing the typical resolutions like eating healthy and exercising more, because I really try to do that year round.  I also let myself enjoy my vacations, and if I happen to eat a bit more and workout a bit less, then so be it.  I know that I can work it all off after vacation.  Life is about moderation and enjoyment, and if we get so caught up with worrying about what were eating or not doing, then we’re not really having fun in that moment, and what a bummer that is, right? 2013 is about letting go and living. …

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year everyone!  I’m wishing you all of the above for 2013.  This is the year for all of us, I can feel it.  It’s a year of light and a break from all the shadows of the past.  Its time to re-invent, turn your dreams into reality, and to let go of the past and things that hold you back. Basically, its time to just GO FOR IT! Go after what you desire!  The best way to figure out what you want is to get out and play!  When we play, we get grounded and get centered in the moment, and our imaginations unleash.  Our imaginations lead us to what our true desires and dreams are.  So make …