Marin mama’s weekly dinner menu for May 18th

Marin Mama weekly dinner menu 5 Comments

Marin mama's weekly dinner menu for May 18th

Marin mama's weekly dinner menu for May 18thI hope all of you moms out there had a fabulous Mothers Day. I seriously had one of the best Mothers Days yet.  It was a day filled with love and play from start to finish.  I started off the morning with huge hugs and cards and from both the kids, I went on an amazing run and then Zoe and I headed over to spend the afternoon in the sun watching Eli play baseball.

The coaches totally scored points with us moms.  They had the boys line up on the field with a rose in their hand, and they all chimed in at the same time and said, “Happy Mothers Day.”  I mean how adorable is that?   All of us moms ran down on the field and gave our cuties the biggest hugs!

IMG_9938You gotta love Eli’s dimples!

IMG_9942Eli played an awesome game that day as well. His confidence has really kicked in and he is enjoying the game, and playing amazingly well as a result of that.  He was super elated because he received the official game ball (signed by the coaches) at the end of the game because of his efforts.  Eli was one happy guy!  Gosh, I love that smile of his!

IMG_9947After Eli’s game we headed over to my best friend Yvonne’s house for dinner and pool time.  Dinner was amazing!  We had turkey burgers with chipotle mayo, kale and ricotta salad and some of the best brownies ever for dessert.  We all left her house officially stuffed, but very happy!  It was the perfect way to close out a perfect Mothers Day!

IMG_9954So, here’s what I have on tap for this week’s menu! 

Sunday night dinner:  Cilantro lime chicken tacos with mango avocado salsaroasted asparagus and minty limeades.  We love these tacos, I mean simply love them!  The mango avocado salsa is amazing and not only do I give you the recipe in the post, but I show you how to slice and dice a mango as well.  It’s a pretty informative post, I must say!  I’m also making up one of our favorite warm weather drinks, minty limeade. This dinner totally reminds me of summer!

cilantro lime chicken tacos

roasted asparagus

minty limeade (1 of 1)-4 Monday night dinner:  Leftover night!  I’m making quesadillas with the leftover chicken. I just top them with a fresh batch of mango avocado salsa and some sour cream. The kids love and devour these quesadillas.  I will serve these up with some lacinato kale salad  (come on, you didn’t think I would go a week without my favorite salad).


lacinato kale saladTuesday night dinner:  Quinoa wraps with black beans, feta and avocado and lacinato kale salad.  The kids and I have seriously been craving these wraps lately, and they can be an easy weeknight dinner when you make up most of the components ahead of time.  I’m making up the quinoa and the avocado-tahini dip on Monday, as well as a double batch of the lacinato kale salad, so all I have to do come dinner time is just assemble the wraps.  Easy peasy.

quinoa wrap with black beans, feta and avocadolacinato kale saladWednesday night dinner:  Pasta with walnut pesto, sausage and broccolini.  I love this dinner because it’s one of those great weeknight, one-bowl pastas.  I usually use whole-grain rigatoni pasta instead of the traditional rigatoni to make this dish even more healthier.

pasta with walnut pesto, sausage, and broccolini (1 of 1)-2Thursday night dinner:  It’s leftover night!  We’re having leftovers of the walnut pesto pasta.

Friday night dinner:  I’m taking off for a much-needed girl’s vacation, so there will be no weekend kitchen duty for Marin mama! Yippee!

Have a blissful week everyone!

xoxo, Jacquelyn

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  1. michelleski

    Those wraps look great and perfect for warm weather dinner. I am so happy to have come across your site, so much deliciousness and practicality combined. Only problem for me is that I’m allergic to kale! 🙂

  2. Sharon B.

    Hi pretty mama! The Eli’s smile is quite charming. 🙂 So glad it was a nice mother’s day for you. I remember Jake’s baseball team doing something similar for mother’s day when we had a game and it will be a memory you’ll have forever, just so sweet. Hope you have a fantastic girls weekend to relax and enjoy and laugh hysterically. 🙂 xoxo, Sharon

  3. Cynthia

    Hi Jackie! Glad you had such a great Mothers’ Day… sounded perfect to me!
    Love your menu this week, it just screams warm weather and summer! I’m getting in the mood too since this is the first week we’ve had warm weather here after a long spell of cold and rain, so I’m definitely feeling those tacos with avocado mango salsa as well. Have a great week!

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