Happy first birthday to Marin mama cooks


Hip Hip Hooray!  It’s Marin Mama Cook’s 1-year celebration. Can you believe that this blog has only been alive for a year? I can’t, because honestly this blog has become such a huge part of my life and has really transformed me. I now have a hobby and passion that I adore.  This post is going to be a bit long, so grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and settle in.

Why did I start a blog? 

Yes, why did I start this exhausting hobby, I often ask myself this question.  A year ago I struggled with finding a passion, something creative that I could do while the kids were in school. I thought about going back to school, getting a part-time job or possibly getting back into interior design. All of those options sounded great, but I wasn’t really passionate about any of them, and going back to school would mean that I would be compromising my job at home. I was envious of people who got out of bed with a passion for the day. They just had that extra spark because they were doing something that excited them and brought them joy. I loved reading blogs and secretly wanted to have a blog of my own, but wasn’t sure I was ready to put myself out there, and I also wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about. One day I got up and decided to create a cooking blog for my friends and family with all of my favorite recipes. A cooking blog seemed like a natural fit, as I was always cooking up something new, and my friends would often ask me to email them the recipe. I thought, why not take some photos, write out some recipes, and have my friends and family just come to my blog to get a recipe. It would be way easier than emailing them all separately. So, I had a blog idea and now I just needed a name. All of the sudden, the name Marin Mama Cooks came into my mind.  I LOVED it and it was a perfect fit.  I’m a mom who cooks and I live in Marin. It couldn’t get any easier than that, right? At first, I posted about 3-4 times a week. I had so many recipes that I loved and I wanted to get them out there.  I soon learned that I needed to set some limits, as posting 3-4 times a week was not something I could maintain if I wanted to have a quality blog and basically a quality of life.  I slowly worked down to posting 2 times a week and I feel like that is the perfect amount for me.  


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