how to make a “mean green juice” without a juicer

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mean green juice without a juicer

So, there’s this new juice bar that just opened in Corte Madera for all you locals called, Juice Alley.  It’s an amazing little juice bar that has tons of different organic juice concoctions, vegan snacks and bars. I’m so excited as I love green juices and I also love that it’s right next to my gym.  What a great and healthy treat to pick up after a hard workout, right?  So, I tried their kale and ginger juice.  Let me just tell you that it was amazing and the ginger just popped in my mouth. I knew I was going to have to figure out how to replicate it at home, as this daily juice thing was going to turn into …

miso kale salad with miso roasted tofu

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miso kale salad with miso roasted tofu

I’m so excited because I’ve found another kale salad that I love just as much as my lacinato kale salad.  This is going to be another weekly go-to salad for me. I love this salad so much that I ate a whole head of kale on Friday as well as made a fresh batch up for dinner on Saturday, and had leftovers for lunch on Sunday. It was a kale filled weekend for me. This salad is great on its own, but top it off with the miso roasted tofu and you have yourself a substantial lunch or dinner. Did I mention that this salad is also kid approved? This is also another great make ahead salad. I do prefer …

vegan kale caesar salad with multi-grain croutons

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Happy Memorial Day everyone, and Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, John!  The kids and I love that John’s birthday falls on a Holiday weekend because we always get to spend a full day celebrating with him.  Zoe and I made his favorite coconut cake (recipe soon) while he supplied the homemade coconut ice cream.  What a man! So, I am celebrating this day by showcasing a vegan kale caesar salad!  Yaay!  I can’t get enough kale, and I am assuming most of you are the same way.  Kale is the “it” vegetable of 2012, (at least in my world).  This is not your typical caesar salad though because it’s egg and dairy free.  It’s definitely a healthier take on …

wheat berries with charred onions and kale

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wheat berries with charred onions and kale

Am I turning into a health nut or what?  I have eaten more kale in the past 6 months than I have in my whole lifetime, seriously. This blog is working wonders for my health and waistline (as well as my hubby’s).  It was actually John that picked out this recipe, can you believe it?  We received the recent issue of bon appetit on Friday.  John opened it up, pointed at two recipes, looked at me and said, “honey, we’re making this for dinner on Sunday.”  I  then took a look at the two recipes and happily agreed.  Did I mention that John is an amazing cook, even better than me?  I’m such a lucky girl. Wheat berries?  You’re probably …

kale salad with tahini & lemon dressing

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Last week was so much fun!  I received so many positive emails, phone calls & comments from friends and people in my local and not-so-local community regarding my article in the Marin IJ.  It was wonderful to interact with everyone and hear what their favorite recipes were and such.  What started out as a mere hobby for me is really turning into so much more.  This blog is opening so many unique doors and introducing me to so many wonderful people.  So for those of you come by each week to check out my blog, thank you!  You are all inspiring me to keep this blog going and to keep trying new recipes!  So, since I’m known as the kale …

lacinato kale salad

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lacinato kale salad

I know this photo is not quote on quote “food porn” quality or pinterest worthy, but I guarantee it’s tastebud worthy.  It’s so tastebud worthy that I was literally licking the bowl after this salad.  I never thought I would be licking the bowl of a kale salad, but I was licking this one, seriously!  Who am I these days?  When did I start getting excited over kale of all things?  You won’t even realize that you’re eating kale as the garlic and lemon take away the bitterness of the kale.  You might surprise yourself and find that you just ate a whole head or two of kale with this salad.  I have friends who have tried this salad and gone from kale haters to kale …

kale & pineapple smoothie:

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Happy Birthday Zoe!  My daughter Zoe turns 12 today!  I honestly can’t believe how fast the years have gone by.  It seems like only yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital, and now she is 12!   Goodness gracious!  For those of you with little ones, hold on to them as they will be middle schoolers before you know it.  As much as I miss those toddler years, I am so loving the tween years.  I love being able to watch “real” TV with Zoe as opposed to kid shows or cartoons. We especially love watching Doctor Who & Sherlock together.   We share the love of reading and read the same science fiction and fantasy books.  Zoe is even beginning …

Kale, Pear & Orange Smoothie

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OK, I admit I have been OD’ing it on the spinach lately as I have been having my  kale and spinach smoothie  pretty much every day!  Its hard because its just sooo good, easy to make and transport, and I love the fact that I am getting a boatload of veggies in one serving.  I am not a “sit down” lunch person, so having a lunch that is transportable is key!!  I have heard that having to much spinach is not a “good thing” as it has tons of iron.  With that being said,  I have been researching and trying some other green smoothie recipes that have just kale in it.   Kale, Pear & Orange Smoothie: 1 cup green grapes …

Kale & Spinach Smoothie!

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Kale and spinach smoothie - Marin mama cooks

For those of you that want an on-the-go vitamin packed smoothie, here’s my favorite. This kale & spinach smoothie is my go-to smoothie. I always feel great after drinking this smoothie because I know that I got 2 cups of spinach and 3 kale leaves in one drink.  It’s nice to be able to drink your veggies once in a while, especially when life is busy and you don’t have time to cook them up in the kitchen. Green smoothies are great to have as a mid-morning or post workout snack, or as an on-the-go lunch or breakfast.  I usually need a bit more than a smoothie for lunch, so I usually pair this smoothie with a slice of toast …