quinoa with tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and mint

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quinoa with tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and mint_

I’M BACK!!!!  I’m back from vacation and back to reality!  Yay   I love vacations (I mean really, who doesn’t love a good vacation).  I love playing and bonding with family and friends, exploring new places, as well as having a break from the routine of life, and the routine of cooking and cleaning! Vacations are great until they end, and then you have to leave paradise and get back to reality!  YUCK! The one and only thing I love about returning from vacation is getting back to my kitchen and cooking and eating healthy again. The first thing I made up when we returned was my favorite kale salad, (of course) and this summer quinoa salad. I ate this up for lunch …

easy overnight hot quinoa and steel cut oats

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easy overnight hot quinoa and steel cut oats

Yes, I’m a bit obsessed with breakfast! It’s my absolute favorite meal of the day! I love starting out the day with an easy, tasty, hot and healthy power-filled breakfast, and this cereal fits the bill. It’s a blend of quinoa and steel-cut oats, (which in my eyes and tummy is pure perfection) that can be made the night before, (in under 6 minutes) which is even better. All you have to do come morning is turn on the stove and re-heat the cereal, easy peasy.  I love steel-cut oats and to pair them with the protein power and nutrition of quinoa, well you have yourself a yummy and healthy breakfast. This hot and healthy breakfast requires only 3 simple ingredients, quinoa, steel …

quinoa snack bars

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quinoa snack bars

So, I will confess to you all that I haven’t been cooking up any new recipes this past month, total lazy mama here.  Hey, I’ve been trying to juggle my new full-time job, crazy kid’s schedules and basically life in general, and at the end of the day I just want to come home and whip up something quick and easy, but nutritious as the same time. I’m seriously so happy that I created this blog because all I have been doing is cooking from it this past month. Yep, Marin mama is totally cooking from her blog. I’ve come to realize that I initially created this blog to share my favorite recipes with friends, but in the end I think …

quinoa wrap with black beans, feta and avocado

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quinoa wrap with black beans, feta and avocado

So, I have to tell you that I’m totally obsessed with this wrap, like when I say obsessed, I mean I’ve had this wrap for lunch everyday this past week as well as dinner on a few occasions,  and I’m still craving it.  I’m just as obsessed with this wrap as I was when I first tried my lacinato kale salad, and for those of you that know me or have been following me for a while, you know that is my all time favorite salad ever!  I would put this wrap right up there in the same ballpark as my lacinato salad, and that’s saying a lot.

acorn squash stuffed with quinoa and roasted almonds

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acorn squash stuffed with quinoa and roasted almonds

Some of you who have followed my blog from the beginning may recognize this recipe, as it’s one of the first ones I posted on the blog.  I decided to re-post it as I made a few changes to the recipe and updated all the photos, plus I feel like it’s a wonderful recipe to share with you all this time of year as acorn squash is in season and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This is a great meatless alternative for Thanksgiving or you can serve these up as a healthy side dish.  You can even make these vegan by adding nutritional yeast in lieu of the feta. I love this recipe and make it up quite often for lunch …

quinoa, tuna and corn salad

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quinoa, corn and tuna salad

Quinoa, quinoa, quinoa.  I’m sure you’re seeing that word everywhere these days and that some of you are tired of seeing recipes with quinoa, but here’s another recipe just incase you’re not tired of it yet.  I admit I did go on a hiatus from cold quinoa dishes for about a year, as I was tired of eating it day after day.  I discovered new and unique ways to enjoy quinoa like sautéed in a patty or cheesy cake, perfect for lunch or as a side dish to your favorite soup or salad.  I also discovered I liked quinoa in the morning mixed in with some steel-cut oats or quinoa flakes mixed with goji berries.  In fact I’m having a bowl …

5 minute hot quinoa cereal

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5 minute hot quinoa cereal

Ok, here’s another quinoa cereal that I tell you is super simple to whip up, like 5 minute simple. I love my other quinoa and steel-cut oat cereal, but I have to plan ahead the night before in order to make it, and sometimes I just want to wake up and have some hot cereal, like NOW!  I’m not the type of person who likes to fuss a lot when it comes to breakfast.  I like to have my coffee and cereal ready within 10 minutes of waking. That’s just how I roll. I’m finally getting tired of my traditional cold cereal fix (after 20 some years) and have been experimenting with some new hot and healthy (ooh, I really …

quinoa cakes

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quinoa cakes (1 of 1)

Ok, so remember when I was obsessed with kale and everything kale?  Well, I’m still pretty obsessed with kale, but now I’m obsessed with quinoa as well.  I have figured out my favorite way to eat quinoa, and that is warm, liked warmed up in patties or a cereal rather than cold like in a salad.  I’ve made more quinoa dishes in the last few months than I have in the past year that I’ve been blogging.  First, there were these quinoa patties.  Super yummy, easy to make and healthy. Then I tried quinoa for breakfast with steel-cut oats and goji berries. Say what, quinoa for breakfast?  Oh yes, try it!  It’s my new favorite way to start the day.  It’s …

hot quinoa and oat cereal with goji berries

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hot quinoa and oat cereal with goji berries

Move over grape nuts, there’s a new cereal in town. Seriously, this is by far my newest cereal obsession.  I mean I’m literally OBSESSED!  I’m now substituting my regimented daily bowl of grape nuts for this warm and comforting cereal. This is a big deal folks because I have been eating grape nuts since I was 17.  Yes, it’s the honest to goodness truth, I kid you not. I explain more about my cereal habit/obsession in this old, what I ate last week post.  I’m really just a creature of habit, especially when it comes to my breakfast routine.  I’m a carb junkie and always have been.  I need carbs to get me going in the morning, and eggs or pancakes …

quinoa patties

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Happy day after Halloween!  Are you all candied out?  Are you putting yourself on a diet of kale salads and quinoa dishes till Thanksgiving? I’m not going to go that far, but I do need some sort of cleanse from all the sugar I’ve been eating lately. It’s not candy that I need a break from, but baked goods. I have been baking way to many pumpkin muffins, cupcakes and bundt cakes lately, and I need to stop!  Maybe with all of this new candy in the house, I won’t be asked to bake anything. I think the trick-or-treat candy will give me about a week off before the kids start getting sick of it and start asking me what …