avocado yogurt crema

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avocado yogurt crema - Marin mama cooks

Happy Monday peeps! You’re probably confused as you’re getting 2 posts 2 days in a row. You’re most likely saying to yourselves, “what’s up with Marin mama and all of her posting lately, she’s going crazy over there!” Well, I’m not going crazy, but I have been up since 5:00 this morning, and I’m baking a fresh batch of oatmeal cookies, so I figured why not bang out a new post as well. I mean I’m currently in-between jobs, so I feel like I have all the time in the world to bake, post and cook! So, I wanted to get this avocado yogurt crema post out to you all today, as it’s truly a stand alone recipe and pairs wonderfully …

avocado-tahini dip

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avocado-tahini dip

This is the tale of the salad dressing that transformed into a dip.  It sounds like the start of a fairy tale don’t you think?   Except turning from a salad dressing into a dip doesn’t sound like a great transformation, (kind of like a prince turning into a frog) but it is, so it’s a story with a happy ending. It all began one afternoon when I was looking for a new salad dressing to massage into my kale.  I wanted to see if I could find another pantry staple dressing that I loved as much as my lacinato kale salad and my ricotta salata dressings.  I made up this dressing and tried it with the kale, but it was …

mango avocado salsa and how to dice a mango

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This salsa is a preview to another recipe that I am showcasing on Monday, cilantro lime chicken tacos.  This mango avocado salsa and tacos are rated a 10+ in my house, because they both pair so perfectly together. This salsa is a great stand along recipe though, so I wanted to showcase it as a separate recipe, rather than combine it with another where it might get lost. This salsa is super easy to throw together and all of the ingredients are in season right now and as fresh as can be.  I love this salsa because it’s not your standard red or green salsa. It’s a unique combination of flavors and textures.  We love serving this salsa alongside some tortilla chips. Bring this …

tomatillo and avocado salsa

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tomatillo and avocado salsa

OK, I tried to make this salsa look attractive and exciting, but hey let’s face it, it’s salsa.  It may not look enticing, but it tastes great.  I’m posting this salsa recipe in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, (which is this Saturday in case you forgot). Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo?  We’re not exactly celebrating it, but we’re definitely going to consume some Mexican fare and have ourselves a margarita or two. This is the perfect salsa to bring to a party or to serve up at home with your favorite chips and Mexican fare.  It’s got a bit of a kick to it, but not too much where your kids won’t enjoy it.  Eli kept dipping his chips …

grilled skirt steak with herb salsa verde

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For those of you that are vegetarians, I apologize for these photos.  They are really in your face kind of photos.  I am not a fan of photos of meat, but I had to take them to so show the recipe.  My friend Wendy asked when I was going to post the steak and salsa recipe that I raved about in my Monday post.  I told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to post it because I didn’t get great photographs of the meat and I forgot to take a photo of the completed salsa.  She told me it’s the recipes that she comes for not the photographs (though they do help her to see what the finished product is …

Tangerine bundt cake with citrus glaze

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I saw this cake on the most recent cover of Everyday Food Magazine and said to myself, “I just have to make that.”  I was looking for a breakfast cake for Thanksgiving morning and this one fit the bill perfectly because it looked so refreshing and it gave me an excuse to use my bundt pan again. This bundt cake was a bit labor intensive as you have to zest and squeeze about 8 tangerines.  It was well worth it in the end, as we all enjoyed an extra large slice of this on Thanksgiving morning. Note:  It’s best to make this cake a day ahead so that the glaze can set overnight.  Just cover and store the glazed cake at …