broccoli rabe pizza

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broccoli rabe pizza

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! How I love pizza! I truly do! Pizza is one of my favorite things to chow down on! I’m a total carboholic and cheese fanatic, so with pizza, I get the best of both worlds. Also, you get to be creative with pizza and top it with whatever your heart desires, and these past few weeks we’ve been desiring roasted broccoli rabe! That’s not such a bad thing, right? I know it’s not pizza Friday yet, but I wanted to share this recipe with all you pizza lovers today, so that you can add this recipe to your weekly menu this week!  This is such an easy weeknight meatless pizza. It’s full of flavor, has a crispy crust and honestly …

asparagus and gruyere cheese pizza

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asparagus and gruyere cheese pizza

We’re bringing back pizza Friday in the Grandy house, at least for the summer anyway. I just love pizza Fridays. We all hang in the kitchen, I make a big salad while the kid’s roll out the dough and assemble their pizza while talking about their week. I unwind with a glass of wine and watch them (just kidding, I do help). The kids usually create their own pizza, usually just a jar of Trader Joe’s red sauce, some pepperoni and some mozzarella cheese, easy peasy and kid friendly. John and I like a more adult pizza so I like to experiment with different combinations. I created this one night as I had tons of asparagus in the house and thought …

deep-dish pepperoni pizza

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deep-dish pepperoni pizza

Have you purchased a cast iron pan yet?  Yvonne, I’m speaking directly to you!  My friend Yvonne said she would get a cast iron pan once I did a post on how to maintain one.  I still haven’t put a post together hoping that she will just go with it and let me explain it to her over the phone. Is anyone else interested in a post on how to maintain a cast-iron pan?  If so, I will write one. It won’t be the most exciting post, but if you’re all wanting it, I will do it, so let me know. See, I’m nice that way. If you don’t have a cast iron, you have to get one. They are really …

kale, pluot and ricotta pizza

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ISO: 400  A: f/1.4   S: 1/160 We’re getting creative with food lately in the Grandy household, as I don’t want to be dragging the kids to the grocery store every day (I mean it is summer, come on).  So, I find myself scrounging the pantry and fridge for some new and tasty lunch and dinner ideas.  Zoe has been super helpful at creating some fun pantry lunches. She made a cheese quesadilla with salami in it last week, and she’s been awesome at packing leftovers for lunch to take to her intense dance camp. Eli just happily eats whatever combination Zoe and I throw at him. He’s not a picky eater at all. I took a look in my …

fig and arugula pizza on naan bread

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fig & arugula pizza

What we have learned from my what I ate last week posts is that I love using whole-wheat naan bread as a base for mini lunchtime pizzas, and that I love my fig jam. Fig jam is incredibly thick, rich, and sweet, and pairs really well with nuts, cheese, crackers, and fruit. I love pairing it with almond or walnut butter for a scrumptious PB&J.  Below is a picture of the fig jam I love so much.  Naan bread is awesome because you can do so much with it.  You can heat it up with just a splash of olive oil and pair it with your favorite salad, or use it as a base for a mini pizza like I did above.  I …

roasted red pepper and arugula whole-wheat pizza

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roasted red pepper pizza

So remember on Friday when I mentioned that because I can be a perfectionist with this blog that I sometimes make a recipe 2 to 3 times before I post it?  Well, this recipe was one of those recipes.  I actually only made this 2 times, but still, it was 2 times within the course of a week.  I figured it was OK since it’s a pretty healthy meal and my kids always are happy to eat pizza, even if it’s on a whole-wheat crust. This pizza is super easy to make, even easier than my sausage skillet pizza.  I know a lot of you wanted to try that pizza but either did not have a skillet or were a …

sausage & arugula skillet pizza

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sausage and arugula skillet pizza

TGIF!  It’s almost Friday and that means pizza night around the Grandy house!  Get out your cast iron skillet and let’s cook us up some PIZZA!  Let’s just backtrack here, you’re asking me if I said cast iron skillet, right?  Why yes I did, you are going to cook this pizza in a cast iron skillet. This is me telling you to go out and purchase yourself a cast iron skillet.  You don’t need to get a fancy name brand one like Le Creuset (those cost $150 and up).  Pick up a Lodge Logic.  The 12-inch skillet is only $29 and the 10-inch is only $20.  Here is a link to Sur La Table where you can check out the pricing and features. …