orzo with kale spinach almond pesto and tomatoes

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orzo with kale spinach almond pesto and tomatoes

Here’s an awesome seasonal pasta dish to bring to your next summer potluck. It’s also an easy, under 30-minute weeknight dinner for all you crazy working parents out there!  Now that I’m heading back to being a full-time working mama, I’m putting my focus on creating super simple weeknight meals that my kids and I will love. I’m also trying to incorporate meals that the kids can have for lunch the next day as leftovers, bonus. This orzo pesto pasta takes no time to pull together because all you’re essentially doing is waiting for the water to boil and the orzo to cook. I always make the pesto up a few days ahead of time, (like on a Sunday night) …

sautéed nectarines and peaches in coconut oil

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sautéed nectarines and peaches in coconut oil - Marin mama cooks

Here’s another simple, seasonal and tasty recipe from Marin mama! Yay! Today I’m showing you all a fun and tasty way to enjoy all those abundant nectarines and peaches you’re seeing everywhere this time of year. For those of you that haven’t sautéed stone fruit, (aka, peaches, nectarines and apricots) you’re in for a treat!  First off, it’s super simple to do, as it literally takes 3 minutes, secondly, it requires just 2 simple ingredients, peaches or nectarines (apricots will work too) and coconut oil. That’s it. Easy peasy! Sautéing nectarines and peaches in coconut oil caramelizes them and sweetens them up even more, while adding a bit of  tropical flavor to the fruit. The juices when cooked down with the …

roasted matchstick beets with coconut oil

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roasted matchstick beets with coocnut oil

If you’re looking for a nutrient dense, vitamin packed, vegan, naturally gluten-free topping to replace the standard old croutons for your next salad or soup, then you have to try these roasted matchstick beets. Yes, I said roasted matchstick beets (because they truly look like matchsticks)! They’re the cutest and simplest things to make, and add a pop of flavor and texture to any soup or salad. I’m all about adding in extra nutrition where I can, as well as showing you all simple recipes that incorporate seasonal produce.  Hey, if we could all learn to eat seasonaly and locally, then we will not only be helping our bodies and our wallets, but our local farmers as well! If you’re not a fan of …

oven roasted sweet potato halves

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oven roasted sweet potato halves

These roasted sweet potato halves are honestly one of my new favorite things of 2016 (it’s only been 10 days since the New Year and I’ve already found something new to love, pretty cool). I know you’re all looking for easy, weeknight, tasty, healthy, kid approved recipes, and these sweet potatoes hit every mark! These roasted sweet potatoes make the perfect meatless dinner or lunch paired with a salad, or they’re great as a side dish to just about anything. You could also stuff them with some roasted broccoli and mushrooms and have a complete meal, or keep it simple and pair them as is with some soup, steak or chicken, I mean anything works! I’ve been enjoying them lately …

quick and tasty weeknight beans

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quick and easy weeknight beans

We’re BIG fans of Taco Tuesday in my house, but Taco Tuesday doesn’t have to be on Tuesday, we like burritos, tacos and burrito bowls any night of the week. Since I discovered the best, tastiest and easiest way to cook up brown rice, I find that we’re eating a lot of burrito bowls and burritos, as they’re the perfect thing to whip up on those busy weeknights, and they also make great lunches to pack up for the kiddos. I’m a huge fan of black beans and pinto beans, but don’t always have the time or energy to soak and cook them. Sometimes it’s just easier, and way more convenient, to open up a can of black beans and be done …

fall roasted vegetables

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fall roasted vegetables

It finally feels like fall around here and I have to tell you that I’m happy about that. Fall is my favorite time of the year. It’s a cozy time filled with soups, stews, savory chicken dishes, big bowls of steel cut oats, and of course fall roasted veggies! Yes, I’m someone who gets excited by butternut squash, acorn squash, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and sweet potatoes! I simply adore roasted vegetables. They get all caramelized and crispy on the outside, and stay soft and tender on the inside. Roasting vegetables brings out the natural sweetness in vegetables. The sweet potatoes and squash get a bit sweeter, and the red onion sweetens considerably (especially when you use coconut oil to roast …

easy oven baked brown rice

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easy oven baked brown rice

First off I want you to know that my kids are totally obsessed with this rice, like licking their plates clean obsessed. It’s 6:00 am on Friday and I’m baking them a fresh batch for their lunches and pairing it with some leftover chicken thighs and mushrooms. I posted this below picture on Instagram yesterday, exclaiming how excited I get about perfectly baked brown rice and Zoe saw it on her way home, ran inside and said, “where’s the rice mom, I have to try it?”  She tried it and exclaimed “its delicious mom, this is exactly how brown rice should taste!” Eli was literally licking his plate last night saying “this rice is SO good mom.” Gosh, I didn’t know my …

easy oven baked sweet potato fries

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These fries are SO GOOD, SUPER ADDICTIVE and honestly as easy to make up as the frozen variety (and cheaper too).  I’m serious!  They’re browned, caramelized and slightly crispy on the outside, and soft, sweet and tender on the inside. Yum, Yum!  I will admit that these fries are not going to be crispy, like fries that have been fried, they tend to be softer like steak fries. In the past few weeks these “fries” have become our new favorite dinner/lunch side, and one of the kid’s favorite after school snacks.  I hate even calling these fries, because fries have such a bad rap, and these are healthy.  I call them fries because it gets kids excited to try them, but between you …

5-minute roasted cauliflower

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Ok, so I know I’m going a bit crazy with this whole 5-minute skillet veggie concept, but I’ve come to realize that I tend to get a bit obsessed when I find something I like/love, and I love this new 5-minute technique.  In my last post I showed you all how to cook 5-minute roasted Brussels sprouts, and now I’m showing you how to cook cauliflower in 5-minutes, yippee, aren’t you super excited? This 5-minute roasting technique has really saved me time and hassle in the kitchen on those busy weeknights where I want to serve up a vegetable, but don’t have tons of time to heat up the oven and roast veggies for 15 to 20 minutes.  I’m a full-time working mama now, …

5-minute roasted Brussels sprouts

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I’m starting a new section on my blog labeled 5-minute recipes.  These are recipes that roughly take 5-minutes or less to cook, and who doesn’t love that!  This recipe along with my 5-minute hot quinoa cereal and easy overnight steel-cut oats are the first in the series of great 5-minute recipes that don’t actually taste like a 5-minute recipe. Let’s admit it, we’re all busy and looking for shortcuts in the kitchen, but shortcuts that don’t require the use of a microwave and don’t compromise quality and taste. Well, I found a winner here. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways I’ve found to roast Brussels sprouts, and honestly the tastiest. Eli even begs for these and a year ago her …

roasted broccoli

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roasted broccoli

I thought instead of showing you all some fancy staged photo of a bowl of roasted broccoli, that I would show you my kids actually eating and liking it!  I know that if I hear about someone’s kids digging a veggie then I’m more inclined to make it up for my kids.  So, hopefully by seeing my kids enjoying this super healthy veggie, some of you may be more inclined to make this up for your troops!  I’m also letting you all know that this is not going to be a fancy post with jaw dropping photos, but instead it’s going to be a quick and simple post showing you all a quick and simple family approved recipe.  That’s how Marin …

lemon thyme popovers

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lemon thyme popovers

Happy Sunday everyone!  My gosh, I can’t believe that it’s been a little over 2 weeks since I’ve posted a recipe for you all.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of opening up my blog and looking at that picture of rosemary chicken.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that chicken recipe and have been making it tons, but I’m tired of looking at it everyday, so I decided to get up early (I’m writing this at 5:00 on Sunday) and get a fresh post out to you all.  I’m hoping that with the new time change I’ll be able to get out more recipes, as there will finally be some light to photograph with come dinner time. …

roasted sweet potato and farro salad

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roasted sweet potato and farro salad

Ok, so I start my new job this week as the Director of Catering for Paradise Foods.  I’m going to be in charge of growing and running the catering division for all 3 stores.  It’s a huge job to undertake and I’m a bit nervous as it’s a bit like starting a new business, but I’m good at sales and I love working with people and food, so to me it’s a match made in heaven.  BTW, I’ll be working most of the time out of the Tiburon store, so if any of you see me, please say hi!  So, since I’m going to be working outside of the home, I’ve been looking for some new healthy lunch alternatives to …

acorn squash stuffed with quinoa and roasted almonds

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acorn squash stuffed with quinoa and roasted almonds

Some of you who have followed my blog from the beginning may recognize this recipe, as it’s one of the first ones I posted on the blog.  I decided to re-post it as I made a few changes to the recipe and updated all the photos, plus I feel like it’s a wonderful recipe to share with you all this time of year as acorn squash is in season and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This is a great meatless alternative for Thanksgiving or you can serve these up as a healthy side dish.  You can even make these vegan by adding nutritional yeast in lieu of the feta. The squash paired with the quinoa is truly a complete meal and …

popovers with rosemary and sea salt

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popovers with rosemary and sea salt

We’re a total popover loving family. We love the traditional popovers, sugar-crusted popovers and now these rosemary and sea salt popovers. Popovers are my carb of choice because they’re SO easy to make up and require a few simple pantry ingredients.  They may look all fancy and formal with their big puffy tops and seem difficult to make, but let me tell you, they’re one of the easiest recipes to make. They even have an exact cooking time which makes them even easier to make up. I came up with the idea for these popovers after Zoe showed me a picture of some dinner rolls topped with rosemary and sea salt. The rolls look fabulous, and I’m going to give …